Staging Link 1

Welcome to the first Staging Link!
Here are the templates we are reviewing:

  • Home Page
  • Catalog Page
  • Single Item Page
  • Cart Page
  • Account Page
  • (This page can serve as sort of an example content page)

Some notes:

  • This is the first live link for the site, therefore much of the final functionality may not be implemented just yet.
  • There is a lot of repeating or placeholder objects and images we will update. Our goal is to make sure we are happy with the current HTML layout before content/inventory input.
  • Mobile styles are still being implemented while we lock down the main functionality, though the main navigation menu is currently (mostly) mobile responsive.
  • All of the updates requested should be represented in the link, aside from some specific functionality like conditional fields and date selectors, which will be implemented in the next staging link review.

Next Steps:

Once this staging link is reviewed and notes/changes are received we will begin implementing new changes, implementing mobile responsiveness, migrating content and building out the full functionality of the site. Our goal for the next link will be to test functionality and user experience!