8. What if I can’t pickup/return my order in-person?

You have a few options:

  1. You can appoint/send someone else to pick up the order for you.
  2. With enough advanced notice, we can make deliveries/pickups to practically anywhere in Oklahoma. Please note that deliveries/pickups are subject to driver/vehicle availability and will incur an additional fee (based on distance), so please schedule your deliveries/pickups as far in advance as possible so we can try to accommodate. Deliveries/pickups are “curbside” by default (especially for larger orders), meaning that we typically do not carry the equipment to/from our vehicle. We simply drive the equipment to/from your location and load/unload the equipment. If you need more specialized delivery/pickup, please contact us so we can try to accommodate (additional fees may apply).
  3. On rare occasions, we can sometimes ship equipment. Contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs.

4. What are your payment requirements/terms? What types of payment do you accept?

We require a valid Credit Card on file for all active accounts, but that is primarily for insurance/incidental purposes. How you actually pay for your rental is up to you – we accept check, cash, wire transfer, & all major credit cards. Once an order is completed and checked in, we will send you the final invoice listing the amount owed and the payment due date. Most accounts/orders are “due upon invoicing”, although extended terms may be requested for established accounts. If payment is not received by the invoice due date, we reserve the right to charge the card on file.

5. Do you ever offer any kind of discounts or special pricing?

Absolutely! The prices listed on our inventory catalog are our full/standard rates, but we are always happy to work with our customers on pricing to help keep your project under budget! We automatically do 3-day weeks and 1-day weekends, but we sometimes offer additional discounts beyond that. The larger/longer your rental, the more of a discount we can offer.

7. When can I pickup/return, and how many days will I be charged?

We typically schedule pickups in the afternoon (1pm-5pm) and returns in the mornings (8am-noon) on business days, and you’d only be charged for the days in between (minimum of 1 rental day). So if you’re picking up on a Monday afternoon and returning on a Friday morning, you’d only be charged for Tuesday-Thursday (3 rental days). If you have special pickup/return needs, just let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate!

9. What if I have an issue with my rental?

We always thoroughly check all equipment before it goes out on a rental, but if something goes wrong or you have an issue with your rental, we encourage you to contact us right away! We pride ourselves on our customer service and problem-solving skills. If it’s urgent, please call our office (405.420.0577) and someone will be happy to assist you. If it’s an after-hours emergency, text our After-Hours Emergency Text Line (405.227.0540), and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

6. Do you take walk-ins?

We typically prefer to start the rental process in advance via phone/e-mail, so that we have time to process the necessary paperwork and prep the equipment. If you have an urgent/last-minute need, please call ahead so we know to expect you, and be prepared to fill out some paperwork and/or wait while we prep the gear. You can save time by filling out our Customer Portal ahead of time.